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  1. Recta conscientia traversum unguem non oportet discedere - It is not advisable to move away from your conscience even the width of a fingernail (Cicero - Epistulae)
  2. Saepe ne utile quidem est scire quid futurum sit - Sometimes it's better not to know what will happen (Cicero)
  3. Salutem Dicit - Wishing health (Salutation used by Cicero, often abbreviated as s.d.)
  4. Sane homini praeter opinionem improviso incidi - Contrary to what is believed, I suddenly attacked a man (Cicero In Verrem)
  5. Semper idem - Always the same (Cicero)
  6. Sensim sine sensu aetas senescit - Insensibly, without feeling, life is aging. (Cicero - De Senectute)
  7. Silent enim leges inter arma - Laws are silent in times of war (Cicero)
  8. Sine amicitia, vita esse nullam - Life is nothing without friends (Cicero)
  9. Summum ius, summa iniuria - Maximum law, maximum injury (Cicero - Excess of law - It is better to have less laws, but fulfill them, but be careful. A law that is applied with excess and rigor can be unfair)
  10. Tabulas pingere - Paint tables (Cicero)
  11. Tanta vis est probitatis, ut eam vel in hoste diligamus - So great is the force of honesty, that we even appreciate it from an enemy (Cicero)
  12. Tibi gratias ago quod me omni molestia liberas - I thank you because you release me from all trouble (Cicero)
  13. Tot capita, tot sententiae - So many heads, so many opinions (Cicero)
  14. Trahimur omnes laudis studio - All of us are dragged by the desire of praise (Cicero)
  15. Tribunus me primum sententiam rogavit - The tribune asked my opinion first (Cicero)
  16. Universus hic mundus una civitas exsistimanda - The world at large has to be considered as one urban community (Philosophical Term - Cicero)
  17. Ut sementem feceris, ita metes - You reap as you sow (Cicero)
  18. Variatio delectat - Change is delicious (Cicero)
  19. Vellem equidem idem possem gloriari quod Cyrus - I'd really like to boast about the same as Ciro (Cicero)
  20. Verae amicitiae difficillime reperiuntur in iis, qui in honoribus reque publica versantur; ubi enim istum invenias, qui honorem amici anteponat suo? - The authentic friendships can hardly be among those who are in public office and in politics; for where could you find someone who would prefer the political advancement of his friend to his own? (Cicero - De Amicitia, 64)
  21. Videamus primum deorumne providentia mundus regatur - Let us consider first whether the universe is governed by the foresight of the gods (Cicero)
  22. Vitam regit fortuna, non sapientia - Fortune, not wisdom, governs life (Cicero)

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