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  1. Deo iuvante - With God's help (Monaco's motto)
  2. Deo vindice - God our defender - God, our avenger. (Diplomatic term - is the motto of the Confederacy )
  3. Deus et dominus natus - Born god and master (Lucius Domitius Aurelianus [212-275) motto when he proclaimed himself king)
  4. Deus, libertas Cultura - God, free Culture (Motto of Carabobo University in Valencia, Venezuela)
  5. Deus nobis haec otia fecit - God has given us this tranquility (Georgia's Motto taken from Virgil's Eclogues I)
  6. Deus refugium nostrum et virtus - God is our refuge and strength (Episcopal motto of St. Pius X titular bishop of Milas in 1912 )
  7. Deus vult - God wills it (Motto of the First Crusade - 1095 war ordered by Pope Urban II against Muslims in Jerusalem)
  8. Dictum Meum Pactum - My word is my contract (Motto of the Mexican stock exchange - 1894)
  9. Disce aut discede - Learn or leave (Motto of schools in medieval times)
  10. Ditat Deus - God enriches (Motto of the State of Arizona)
  11. Dives toletana - Toledean Godess (Motto of Cathedral of Toledo, Spain)
  12. Dominus illuminatio mea - The Lord is my light (Vulgate, Psalms 27, 1 - Motto of Oxford University)
  13. Dominus maris - Dominion of the sea (Motto of Chilean Navy)
  14. Dominus Providebit - God will provide (Motto on the Swiss 5-franc coin)
  15. Donec perficiam - I shall strive, until I shall achieve [my goal] (Motto of the Royal Catalan Guard)
  16. Draco Depressus - A Dragon Held Down (Pope Clement IV (1265-1268) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - His coat of arms had an eagle holding a dragon by the talon)
  17. Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus - Never tickle a sleeping dragon (Motto of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and wizardry, Harry Potter)
  18. Dum in Altum - While going towards the High [God] (Motto of the Institute of University Studies Leon "As we approach our final End". It is a constant challenge to achieve excellence)
  19. E mare libertas - From the Sea, Freedom (Motto of Sealand)
  20. E pluribus unum - From many, one (The making of one nation out of several British colonies - Great Seal of the United States - Motto found in the one dollar bill)
  21. E Scientia Hominis Salus - Science for the benefit of men (Motto of Ecuador's National Polytechnic School)
  22. Educare et Ministrare - Educate and Serve (Motto of the Columbus University in Veracruz, Mexico)
  23. Emitte lucem et veritatem - Emit light and truth (Motto of Kendall College in Evanston, IL)
  24. Ensis Laurentii - The Sword of Lawrence (Pope Gregory VIII (1187) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - He was a Cardinal of St Lawrence and his coat of arms had two swords)
  25. Esto Perpetua - Let it be perpetual (Motto of the State of Idaho - Appears on the back of the 2007 Idaho quarter - Thank you: Decio Frederico Viccino)
  26. Et dissipentur inimicie ejus, et fugiant a facie ejus - Disband its enemies and have them flee from his face (Motto of RCLAC - Light Armoured Cavalry Regiment Farnesio 12 )
  27. Et Tamen Stellae - And however stars (Motto of the University of Playa Ancha, Chile)
  28. Eternus vigilantia - Eternal vigilance (Guilds' responsible for standing watch. Motto of the Clarion & Tabard)
  29. Ex Ansere Custode - Out of the Guardian Goose (Pope Alexander III (1159-1181) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - His coat of arm had a goose)
  30. Ex Astris Scientia - From the stars - Knowledge (Motto of Star Fleet Academy - Star Trek)
  31. Ex Castro Tiberis - From a castle on the Tiber (Pope Celestine II (1143-1144) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - He was born in a castle (Citta) near the Tiber)
  32. Ex Eremo Celsus - Elevated From a Hermitage (Pope St. Celestine V (1294) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - He was a hermet, and founded the Celistines (celsus = "high, elevated"))
  33. Ex Magnitudine Montis - From the Great Mountain (Pope Eugene III (1145-1153) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - His last name was Montemagno, big mountain)
  34. Ex notitia victory - To know, to win (Diplomatic Term - CESID Motto (Center for Defense Information) Spanish intelligence services)
  35. Ex Rosa Attrebatensi - From the rose of Arras (Motto of Pope Clement VI (1342-1352), according to the prophecies of St. Malachy - He was bishop of Arras and his coat of arms had six roses)
  36. Ex Rosa Leonina - Out of the Leonine Rose (Pope Honorius IV (1285-1287) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - His coat of arm had two lions holding a rose)
  37. Ex Telonio Liliacei Martini - From the Customs-House of Martin of the Lilies (Pope Martin IV (1281-1285) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - He was treasurer of St. Martin of Tours)
  38. Ex Tetro Carcere - Out of a Harsh Prison (Antipope Victor IV (1159-1164) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - He was a cardinal of St. Nicholas in the Tullian prison)
  39. Ex umbra in solem - From the shade into the sun (Philosophical term - To go from ignorance to knowledge - Motto of the University Santa Maria, Chile)
  40. Ex Undarum Benedictione - From a Blessing of the Waves (Pope Boniface VIII (1294-1303) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - He was called Benedetto, Benedict, or who says blessings, and his coat of arms had waves)
  41. Fiat Panis - Let there be bread (Motto of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization)
  42. Fide et Amore - Fidelity and Love (Motto of the city of Osorno, Chile)
  43. Fides Intrepida - Intrepid Faith (Pope Pius XI (1922-1939) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - There is no association with his coat of arms, name or birth place. Some people say it is because the Vatican survived the rise of Fascism and Communism in Europe during his reign)
  44. Fides, patria, labor - Faith, fatherland and work (Motto of the Seminar San Carlos y Marcelo in Trujillo, Peru)
  45. Finis origine pendet - The end depends upon the beginning (Motto of Phillips Academy, Andover, MA)
  46. Firmitas, utilitas, venustas - Strong, useful, beatiful (Motto of Roman Architect Marcus Vitruvius Pollio - c. 80 - 25 BC)
  47. Flagellum Solis - Scourge of the Sun (Pope Anti-pope Alexander V (1409-1410) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - His coat of arms had a sun)
  48. Flores Circumdati - Surrounded by Flowers (Pope Clement XI (1700-1721) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - He was born in Urbino, a city that depicts a garland of flowers on its coat of arms)
  49. Flos Florum - Flower of Flowers (Pope Paul VI (1963-1978) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - His coat of arms had three lilies)
  50. Flos Pilaei Aegri - Flower of the Sick Pills (Pope Clement VII (1523-1534) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - His family coat of arms had six medical balls (pills) and one of them with three lilies)
  51. Fluctuat nec mergitur - Floats and doesn't sink (Motto of Paris, France)
  52. Fortis atque fidelis - Strong and Faithful (Motto of Chilean Marines)
  53. Fortis et liber - Strong and Free (Motto of Alberta, Canada)
  54. Fortis Spiritus Sapientia - Strength, Spirit and Wisdom. (Motto of special infantry forces of Mexico)
  55. Frigidus Abbas - Cold Abbot (Pope Benedict XII (1334-1342) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - Benedict XII was an abbot in the monastery of Fontfroide, "Cold spring")
  56. Fructus Jovis Juvabit - The Fruit of Jupiter will Help (Pope Julius II (1503-1513) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - His coat of arms had a oak, a tree sacred to Jupiter)
  57. Frumentum Floccidum - Trifling grain (Pope Marcellus II (1555) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - His coat of arms had a ears of wheat and his papacy was very short)
  58. Futurum Edificamus - We construct the future (Motto University of Colombia)
  59. Gallus Vicecomes - A French Viscount (Pope Urban V (1362-1370) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - French by birth and viscount of Milan)
  60. Gens Perversa - The Corrupt Family (Pope Paul V (1605-1621) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies)
  61. Gens una sumus - We are all one family (Motto of the World Chess Federation - Fédération Internationale des Échecs - FIDE)
  62. Gloria Olivae - The Glory of the Olive or "To the Olive" (Pope Benedict XVI (2005-2013) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - There is no association with his coat of arms, name or birth place. Some people say that it is because Order of St. Benedict is also known as the olivetans. However, Pope Benedict did not belong to that Order. He just picked the name Benedict)
  63. Gloriam Dei Nostri Ave Satani Lucifeis Excellsis - Glory to Our Lord Satan, Highest Bearer of Light (Motto of the Gnostic Church of Satan )
  64. Gloriosus et liber - Glorious and free (Motto of Manitoba, Canada)
  65. Gratia dei - Glory of God (Motto of the Belloch family)
  66. Hic locus est ubi mors gaudet succurrere vitae - This is the place where death delights to serve the living ( Autopsy motto - Thank you: Sarah Wilson )
  67. Hic mors gaudet succurrere vitae - Here's death serves life (Motto of the Anatomy laboratory of the University Lisandro Alvarado in Venezuela)
  68. Hierusalem Campaniae - Jerusalem in campaign (Pope Urban IV (1261-1264) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - He was born in Troyes, Champagne, and had the title Patriarch of Jerusalem)
  69. Hoc, hic mysterium fidei firmiter profitemur - Here is the mystery of faith that we strongly profess (Motto of Lugo, City and Province in Galicia, Spain)
  70. Hoc signo tuetur pius, hoc signo vincitur inimicus - With this sign thou shalt defend the pious, with this sign thou shalt defeat the enemy (Motto of Asturias)
  71. Hoc signum vere regum est - This is the true sign of the Kings (Motto of Lima, Peru - Lima was founded in the vicinity of the celebration of the Three Kings)
  72. Hoec nubila tollunt obstantia sicut sol As the sun dissipates the clouds in their wake (Motto of RCAC - Light Armoured Cavalry Regiment, Spain)
  73. Homo homini sacra res - Man is something sacred to man (Motto of Charles III University in Spain)
  74. Homo Hominis in Servitio Perficitur - The man only becomes a man when provides service (Motto of the University of Monterrey, Mexico)
  75. Hyacinthus medicorum - Hyacinth physicians (Motto of Pope Paul III (1534-1549), according to the prophecies of St. Malachy)
  76. Igne Natura Renovatur Integra - Nature is completely renewed by fire (Pagan belief that the soul could be purified by fire - Also matches the INRI abbreviation on top of Jesus' Cross - Masonic Motto)
  77. Ignis Ardens - Burning Fire (Pope St. Pius X (1903-1914) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - There is no association with his coat of arms, name or birth place)
  78. Ignis Natura Renovatur Integram - Fire completely renews nature (Another version of the masonic motto - Abbreviated as INRI)
  79. Ignis numquam dicit sufficit - The fire never says enough (Academic Term - Motto of the College Loyola University of Valladolid, Spain)
  80. Implebentur campi tui fertilitate - Clouds yours fertilize fields (Motto of the Municipality of Alberto Adriani in Merida, Venezuela)
  81. In Audacibus Saevi - Fierce in daring matters (Motto of Marine Aircraft Group 36 - Thank you: a. jefferson )
  82. In Humilitate Vincis - In humility you will conquer (Motto del Rugby Club of the Metropolitan University in Caracas, Venezuela)
  83. In Lumine Sapientia - Wisdom is in the light (Motto of the Almeria University in Spain)
  84. In persecutione extrema sacrae romanae ecclesiae, sedebit petrus romanus qui pascet oves in multis tribulationibus; quibus transactis, civitas seticollis diruetur, et judex tremendus judicabit populum - In extreme persecution, the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep through many tribulations; when they are over, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the terrible or fearsome Judge will judge his people (The last St. Malachy prophecies about the Popes. This would be the last pope and his motto would be Petrus Romanus - Peter Roman)
  85. In Tribulatione Pacis - In the Disturbance of Peace (Pope Gregory XV (1621-1623) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - Vague motto that cannot be associated with his name, birthplace or shield)
  86. In veritate libertas - In truth there is freedom (Motto of the University of Saint Paul in Madrid, Spain)
  87. In veritatis lumine ad amoris vitam - In the light of truth for life in love (Motto Sacred Heart University in Lima-Peru)
  88. Indivisa Manent - Remain together (Motto of University La Salle - Work together, do not divide)
  89. Indivisibiliter ac Inseparabiliter - Indivisibly and inseparably (Austria-Hungary motto - Refers to the autonomous nations inside the Monarchy. In fact, it wasn't really true, Hungary had a revolution against the Habsburg dinasty in 1848 - Thank you: Tibor)
  90. Inimicus Expulsus - Enemy Expelled (Pope Lucius II (1144-1145) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - His last name was Caccianemici, or the enemy hunter)
  91. Inter Aulas Academia quaere verum - Among the classrooms of the Academy you look for the truth (This is the motto of the National University of Colombia. It is based on a Horace’s verse in reference to the Academy founded by the Greek philosopher Plato in the outskirts of Arenas, in 387 BC)
  92. Inter lutum duro mundus - I stay clean in the mud (Motto of those who have to work in an unpleasant or corrupt environment)
  93. Itineraium mentis ad veritatem - The journey of the mind in search of the truth (Motto of the University of the Frontier in Temuco, Chile )
  94. Iucunditas Crucis - Joy of the Cross (Pope Innocent X (1644-1655) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - He was elected Pope on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross after a long and difficult conclave)
  95. Iuncti sed non uncti - Together, but not scrambled (Motto of the acrobatic patrol the Spanish Air Force)
  96. Ius semper loquitur - The law always speaks (Motto of the Law department of the National Autonomous University of Mexico)
  97. Iustitia, pietas, fides - Justice, Mercy and Faith (Motto of Suriman)
  98. Iustitiam et Potentium Ministrare - Justice and Strong Support (Motto of the Faculty of Political Science and Public Administration of the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon)
  99. Labor laetitia nostra - Our joy is our work (Motto of the University of Santiago, Chile)
  100. Labor omnia vincit - Work conquers all (Motto of many institutions)

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