Latin Phrases and Quotes

  1. Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus - False in one thing, false in everything (Legal term)
  2. Fama semper vivat - May his fame last foreve
  3. Fama Volat - Fame flies (Virgil, Aeneid, VII - Rumor has wings)
  4. Fames est optimus coquus - Hunger is the best coo
  5. Fas atque nefas - The right and the wrong
  6. Fata viam invenient - The Fates will find out a way (Virgil, Aeneid X,113)
  7. Fata volentem ducunt, nolentem trahunt - Destiny carries the willing man; and drags the unwilling (Seneca - Epistulae morales, XVIII)
  8. Fato Metelli Romae fiunt consules - It is fate (or 'sheer luck') that the Metelli become consuls at Rome (Cnaeus Naevius c. 270 b.c.-c. 201 b.c.)
  9. Favor matrimonii - In favor of the validity of marriage (Legal term)
  10. Favus distillans labia tus, mel et lac sub lingua tua - Your lips, my bride, drip honey; Honey and milk are under your tongue (Latin Vulgate Bible - Salomon 4,11)
  11. Fax mentis incedium gloriae - The passion of glory is the torch of the min
  12. Fecit - Done (Often abbreviated as fec)
  13. Fedei Defensor - Defender of the Faith { Thank you: Clyde Rowland }
  14. Felix dies natalis - Happy birthda
  15. Felix dies Nativitatis - Merry Christma
  16. Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas - Happy is the one who is able to know the causes of things (Virgil - Georgics II, 490)
  17. Felix sit annus novus - Happy new yea
  18. Fenus pecuniae, funus animae - Love of money, Death of soul
  19. Ferae pericula quae vident fugiunt - The beasts flee the dangers they see (Seneca)
  20. Ferendae sententiae - Sentence to be made (Ecclesiastical term)
  21. Ferre quam sortem patiunfur omnes nemo recusat - Nobody refuses to endure what everyone else bears
  22. Festina lente - Festina lent
  23. Fetus sequitur ventrem - The child follows the mother (Legal term - whoever owns the mother, owns the slave - Whoever owns the cow owns the calf - If the mother is free, so is the child)
  24. Fiat iustitia, pereat mundus - Let there be justice, though the world perishes (Legal term)
  25. Fiat iustitia, ruat caelum - Let there be justice, though the sky falls (Legal term)
  26. Fiat lux - Let there be light (Latin Vulgate Bible - Génesis 1, 3)
  27. Fiat Panis - Let there be bread (Motto of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization)
  28. Fiat voluntas tua - Thy Will shall be done (Latin Vulgate Bible, Matthew 6,10)
  29. Ficta confessio - Fictitious confession (Legal term - If the defendant does not go to refute the charges against him, that confession is admissible)
  30. Fide et Amore - Fidelity and Love (Motto of the city of Osorno, Chile)
  31. Fidei defensor/defensatrix - Defender of the faith (Title conferred to the king of England)
  32. Fides deo - Fidelity to Go
  33. Fides est patria - Fidelity is motherlan
  34. Fides et ratio - Faith and reason (Encyclical letter written by pope John Paul II)
  35. Fides inmota manet - Faith does not mov
  36. Fides Intrepida - Intrepid Faith (Pope Pius XI (1922-1939) motto, according to Saint Malachy prophecies)
  37. Fides under habit eo nuquam redit - Where faith leaves, it does not come bac
  38. Fili quid feciste nobis sic? - Son, why did you do it
  39. Finis coronat opus - The end crowns the work
  40. Finis Mundi - The end of the worl
  41. Finis Terrae - The end of the lan
  42. Firma ut supra - Sign as above
  43. Firmitas, utilitas, venustas - Strong, useful, beatiful (Motto of Roman Architect Marcus Vitruvius Pollio - c. 80 - 25 BC)
  44. Flagellum Dei - The Scourge of God (Nickname of Atilla, King of the Huns)
  45. Flagellum Solis - Scourge of the Sun (Pope Anti-pope Alexander V (1409-1410) motto, according to Saint Malachy prophecies)
  46. Flamma fumo est proxima - A flame is nearest to smoke (Plautus - Curculio, 53)
  47. Flatus vocis - Voice fart (Jibber)
  48. Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo - If I can not move the super-heroes, I will unleash the underworld (Virgil - Aeneid, 7, 312)
  49. Flores Circumdati - Surrounded by Flowers (Pope Clement XI (1700-1721) motto, according to Saint Malachy prophecies)
  50. Flos Florum - Flower of Flowers (Pope Paul VI (1963-1978) motto, according to Saint Malachy prophecies)
  51. Flos Pilaei Aegri (Flower of the Balls (Pope Clement VII (1523 - 1534)
  52. Fluctuat nec mergitur - Floats and doesn't sink (Motto of Paris, France)
  53. Forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit - Perhaps someday we will look back upon these things with joy (Virgil, last verse of the Aeneid)
  54. Fortes fortuna adiuvat - Fortune favors the strong (Terrence in Phormio and Virgil Aeneid)
  55. Fortis atque fidelis - Strong and Faithful (Motto of Chilean Marines)
  56. Fortis cadere, cedere non potest - The brave may fall, but cannot yiel
  57. Fortis est ut mors dilectio - Love is as strong as death
  58. Fortis et liber - Strong and Free (Motto of Alberta, Canada)
  59. Fortiter Fideliter Forsan Feliciter - Bravely, faithfully, perhaps successfull
  60. Fortitudo eius Rhodum tenuit - His valliancy won and possessed Rhode
  61. Fortitudo est dolorum laborumque contemptio - The strength is contempt for pain and trouble (Cicero)
  62. Fortuna caeca est - Fortune is blin
  63. Fortuna favet fatuis - Fortune favors fools
  64. Fortuna meliores sequitur - Fortune follows the better men (Sallus, Historia I, 48)
  65. Fortuna multis dat nimis, satis nulli - Fortune gives too much to many, enough to none (Martial, Epigrams, XII, 10)
  66. Frater, ave atque vale - Hail, brother, farewell (Catullus, Roman Poet 86-103 AD)
  67. Fratres de paupere vita - Brothers of the poor life (Dulcino de Novara, 1250-130)
  68. Frigidus Abbas - Cold Abbot (Pope Benedict XII (1334-1342) motto, according to Saint Malachy prophecies)
  69. Fructus Jovis Juvabit - The Fruit of Jupiter will Help (Pope Julius II (1503-1513) motto, according to Saint Malachy prophecies)
  70. Frumentum Floccidum - Fluffy Wheat (Pope Marcellus II (1555) motto, according to Saint Malachy prophecies)
  71. Frustra fit per plura quod fieri potest per pauciora - It is vain to do with more what can be done with less (William of Ockham, 1280 - 1349)
  72. Fugit irreparabile tempus - Unretrievable time flees
  73. Functus officio - Having performed his office (Legal Term - Indicates that the person no longer has the power he/she once had when in office)
  74. Fundamentum iustitiae, primum est ne cui noceatur - The first foundation of justice is not to harm others (Legal term - Cicero - De Officiis I, 10, 31)
  75. Furor arma ministrat - Rage provides arms (Virgil - Aeneid I, 150)

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