Latin Phrases and Quotes

  1. Est unusquisque faber ipsae suae fortunae - Each and every person is the maker of his own fortun
  2. Esto brevis et placebis - Be brief and you will be pleasant
  3. Esto vir - Be a man
  4. Et alii - And others (Grammatical term - When there are more than one author, the name of the main author is mention followed by et alii - Sometimes it is written as: Et alia, or Et allii abbreviated as et al.)
  5. Et aliter - And others
  6. Et cetera - And the Rest (Grammatical term - Sometimes spelled as Et Coetera or Et Cœtera abbreviated as etc.)
  7. Et cum spiritu tuo - And with your spirit.
  8. Et cum spiritu tuo - And with your spirit { Thank you: Hans-Joachim Baumann }
  9. Et dissipentur inimicie ejus, et fugiant a facie ejus - Disband its enemies and have them flee from his face (Motto of RCLAC - Regimiento de Caballería Ligero ACorazado Farnesio 12 )
  10. Et ego dico tibi quia tu es Petrus et super hanc petram aedificabo ecclesiam meam et portae inferi non praevalebunt adversum eam - And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it (Latin Vulgate Bible - Matthew 16,18)
  11. Et hoc expressius patet in stellis et orbibus qui semper illuminantur a sole - And this appears most clearly in the stars and the worlds that are always illuminated by the Sun. (Saint Thomas Aquinas De Eternitate Mundi)
  12. Et in Arcadia ego - And I in Arcadia (Appears in Renaissance paintings such as Nicolas Poussin's (1594–1665) "The Arcadian Shepherds")
  13. Et in terra pax hominibus bonæ voluntatis - And peace to men of good will on earth (Vulgata, Luke 2, 14 - Used in Christmas cards)
  14. Et ita porro - And so o
  15. Et iterum dico vobis facilius est camelum per foramen acus transire quam divitem intrare in regnum caelorum - And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God (Latin Vulgate Bible - Matthew 19,24 - Said by Jesus Christ)
  16. Et lassata viris, sed non satiata recessit - Ardent still, she retired, fatigued, but not satisfied (Juvenal, Satirae VI, 128)
  17. Et lux in tenebris Lucet - And the Light shines in darkness (Latin Vulgate Bible - John 1,5 Et lux in tenebris lucet et tenebrae eam non conprehenderunt)
  18. Et sequens - And following
  19. Et sic de caeteris - And so of the res
  20. Et siluit terra in conspectu eius - And the earth was quiet before him (Latin Vulgate Bible - Book of Machabees 1,4 - in reference to Alexander the Great)
  21. Et super hanc petram aedificabo Ecclesiam meam - And upon this rock I will build My church - (Latin Vulgate Bible - Matthew 16, 18)
  22. Et Tamen Stellae - And however stars (Motto of the University de Playa Ancha, Chile)
  23. Et tu, Brute? - And you too Brutus? (Julius Caesar last words - also quoted as Tu quoque, fili mi! )
  24. Et verbum caro factum est et habitabit in nobis - And the word was made flesh (Latin Vulgate Bible - John 1,14)
  25. Et vice versa - And the other wa
  26. Et vitam impendere vero - To risk one's life for the truth (Juvenal Satirae IV)
  27. Etera desunt - The rest is wanting (Grammatical term - When something is missing)
  28. Eternus vigilantia - Eternal vigilance (Guilds' responsible for standing watch. Motto of the Clarion & Tabard)
  29. Etiam capillus unos suam habet umbram - Even a single hair casts its shadow. (Syrus Metamorphoses II)
  30. Etiam et volo - And besides, I wan
  31. Etsi homines falles deum tamen fallere non poteris - Although you can deceive men, you will not be able to deceive God (Augustine)
  32. Evangelium vitae - The Gospel of Life (Encyclical letter written by pope John Paul II)
  33. Ex abrupto - Abrutl
  34. Ex abundantia cordis os loquitur - For the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart. (Latin Vulgate Bible - Matthew 12, 34)
  35. Ex aequo - Equal (Legal term)
  36. Ex aequo et bono - Just and good (Legal term)
  37. Ex Africa semper aliquid novi - There is always something new in Africa (Pliny the Elder)
  38. Ex Anima - With the soul in the ope
  39. Ex Ansere Custode - Out of the Guardian Goose (Pope Alexander III (1159-1181) motto, according to Saint Malachy prophecies)
  40. Ex Castro Tiberis - From a castle on the Tiber (Pope Celestine II (1143-1144) motto, according to Saint Malachy prophecies)
  41. Ex catedra - With Authorit
  42. Ex collegio - Out of colleg
  43. Ex consensu - With consensu
  44. Ex corde - From the hear
  45. Ex dono - By donation(Legal term)
  46. Ex Eremo Celsus - Elevated From a Hermitage (Pope St. Celestine V (1294) motto, according to Saint Malachy prophecies)
  47. Ex facto oritur ius - The law arises from the fact (Legal term)
  48. Ex gratia - As a favor (Legal term)
  49. Ex lege - From the law (Legal term)
  50. Ex libris - From the book (Legal term - Inscription that indicates the owner)
  51. Ex Magnitudine Montis - From the Great Mountain (Pope Eugene III (1145-1153) motto, according to Saint Malachy prophecies)
  52. Ex More - According to custom (Legal term)
  53. Ex nihilo nihil fit - Nothing comes from nothing (Philosophical term - Saint Thomas Aquinas)
  54. Ex nom scripto ius venit, quod usus comprobabit. Nam diuturni mores consensu utentium comprobabit, legum imitantur - Unwritten law is the one that validated by use. Because the customs of long duration, that are sanctioned by consensus of those who used them, are similar to the law (Legal term - Flavius Petrus Sabbatius Iustinianus - Instituta 9,2,3)
  55. Ex novo - New (Starting from scratch)
  56. Ex nunc - From no
  57. Ex officio - By virtue of the offic
  58. Ex opere operato - By virtue the work performed (Ecclesiastical term referening to the sacraments)
  59. Ex ore palvulorum veritas - Truth comes out of the mouth of little childre
  60. Ex post facto - After the fact (Legal term - Indicates what the accused did to hide the crime)
  61. Ex Professo - By declaration (Legal term - Expressly)
  62. Ex Rosa Leonina - Out of the Leonine Rose (Pope Honorius IV (1285-1287) motto, according to Saint Malachy prophecies)
  63. Ex Telonio Liliacei Martini - From the Customs-House of Martin of the Lilies (Pope Martin IV (1281-1285) motto, according to Saint Malachy prophecies)
  64. Ex Tetro Carcere - Out of a Harsh Prison (Antipope Victor IV (1159-1164) motto, according to Saint Malachy prophecies)
  65. Ex textamento - By virtue of the testament (Legal term)
  66. Ex toto corde - With all the hear
  67. Ex tunc - From the
  68. Ex umbra in solem - From the shade into the sun (Philosophical term - To go from ignorance to knowledge - Motto of the University Santa Maria, Chile)
  69. Ex Undarum Benedictione - From a Blessing of the Waves (Pope Boniface VIII (1294-1303) motto, according to Saint Malachy prophecies)
  70. Ex ungue leonum - A lion is known by its claw
  71. Ex uno disce omnes - From one learn all (From one we can judge the rest)
  72. Exceptio firmat regulam in casibus non exceptis - The exception affirms the rule in cases not excepted (Legal term)
  73. Exceptio non adimpleti contractus - The defense of non-performance of the contract (Legal term)
  74. Exceptio probat regulam de rebus non exceptis - The exception proves the rule in cases not excepted (Legal term)
  75. Exceptio rei iudicatae - Defense of the thing judged (Legal term)

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