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  1. Invidia festos dies non agit - Envy does not take days off, or does not save the holidays
  2. Invita Minerva - Despite Minerva
  3. Invito domino - Against the will of the owner (Legal term)
  4. Invitus nemo rem cogitur defendere - Nobody will be forced to defend the object (Legal term - Domitius Ulpianus - Digest 50,17,156 - )
  5. Iovis dies - The day of Jupiter (Thursday)
  6. Iovis erepto fulmine, per inferna vehitur Promethei genus - Lightning taken from Jupiter transpors through hell the race of Prometheus. (Plaque erected at the opening of Subway in Paris)
  7. Ipsa duce - She guides us (Ecclesiastical term - used religiously in reference to the Virgin Mary)
  8. Ipsa natura rei - The very nature of things
  9. Ipsa scientia potestas est - The knowledge itself is power
  10. Ipsa senectus morbus est - Old age itself is a disease (Terence Phormio)
  11. Ipsae caprae memores redeunt in tecta - Even the goats remember their home (Publius Vergilius Maro - Georgics 3 316)
  12. Ipse foedet - The same bad odor
  13. Ipse Venena Bibas - Drink the poison yourself (Ecclesiastical term used for exorcism - Abbreviated as IVB)
  14. Ipso facto - By that very fact (Legal term - Fact that has a Judicial consequence)
  15. Ipso iure - By law (Legal term - As opposed to facts Ipso facto)
  16. Ipsum esse subsistens - Subsistent Being itself (Saint Thomas Aquinas - Philosophical term - Essential definition of God given by the scholastics)
  17. Ira animi lutum vomit - Anger in the heart vomits silt
  18. Ira furor brevis est - Fury is a brief madness
  19. Iracundiam qui vincit, hostem superat maximum - Who controls his anger, defeats his greatest enemy (Publilius Syroi - Your own unleashed anger can cause you many bad consequences, so it is your worst enemy)
  20. Iram qui vincit, hostem superat maximum - Anyone who knows how to suppress anger subjugates its greatest enemy
  21. Irascimini et nolite peccare - Be angry without doing sin (Latin Vulgate Bible - Ephesians 4,26 - Epistle of Santiago)
  22. Is strenue pugnavit - He fought valiantly
  23. Ita diis placuit - That pleased the god
  24. Ita est - This is
  25. Itaque tempus ad utranmque rem decernitur - Thus, time will decide on both (Gaius Sallustius Crispus)
  26. Ite, missa est - Go, the Mass ended
  27. Itego arcana dei - I hide the secrets of God
  28. Iter ad deum - God made the way (Name of a religious sect)
  29. Iter criminis - Path of crime (Legal term)
  30. Iter unius diei - Journey of one day
  31. Itineraium mentis ad veritatem - The journey of the mind in search of the truth (Motto of the University of the Frontier in Temuco, Chile )
  32. Iucunditas Crucis - Joy of the Cross (Pope Innocent X (1644-1655) motto, according to Saint Malachy prophecies)
  33. Iudex damnatur ubi nocens absolvitur - The judge is condemned when the guilty is acquitted (Publius Sirus)
  34. Iulia Pompeio nupsit - Julia married Pompey (Things people do to please their father - Julia was the daughter of Julius Caesar and married Pompey so his father could form a strong political alliance with him)
  35. Iuncti sed non uncti - Together, but not scrambled (Motto of the acrobatic patrol the Spanish Air Force)
  36. Iupiter Stator - Jupiter standing (name of statue of the god Jupiter, whom the Romans invoked to protect them from the Sabines)
  37. Iura et munera - Rights and obligations (legal term)
  38. Iura Novit Curia - The court called the law (Legal term, often used to say that judges know the law and result)
  39. Iura privata - Civil rights (legal term)
  40. Iura publica - Political rights (Legal term)
  41. Iurare in verba magistri - Swear by the words of the master
  42. Iurator sacramentalis - Sacramental juror
  43. Iure divino - By divine right (Legal term - It is used especially when talking about the law that governs kings)
  44. Iure et facto - Law and facts (Legal term)
  45. Iure humano - For human laws (Legal term - that is, by law is at the essence of man)
  46. Iuris et de Iure - Law and right (Legal term - Forensic language indicates no presumptions until there is evidence to the contrary )
  47. Iuris praecepta haec sunt: honeste vivere, alterum non laedere, suum ciuque tribuere - The mandates of the law are these: to live honestly, do not disturb other, to give everyone his due (Legal term)
  48. Iuris tantum - The right to test (Legal term - Applies to the presumptions that are admitted. For example in criminal law, a defendant is presumed innocent until proved otherwise)
  49. Iurisprudentia est divinarum atque humanarum rerum notitia, iusti atque iniusti scientia - The case law is the knowledge of the things divine and human, the science of what is right and what is unjust (Legal term - Domitius Ulpianus - Digest 1,1,10,2)
  50. Ius abstinendi - Law abstention (Legal term)
  51. Ius alienis rebus utendi fruendi salva rerum substantia - Right to the use and enjoyment a thing of another, without changing the substance of the thing (Legal term - Definition of Uusfruct)
  52. Ius auxiliandi - Right to help (Legal term)
  53. Ius civile - Civil law (Legal term - Law which relates to acts between citizens)
  54. Ius cogens - Imperative Right (Peremptory norms, which can not be violated by any country: slavery, genocide, etc)
  55. Ius commercii - Property law (Legal term - right to buy and sell)
  56. Ius Commune - The common law (Legal term - Thank you: Walid Kais )
  57. Ius conditum - Law or force (Legal term)
  58. Ius conubii - Right to marry (Legal term - also spelled as Ius connubii with two n)
  59. Ius edicendi - Right to issue rules (Legal term - Said right was given to Authorities of the Roman Empire)
  60. Ius est ars boni et aequi - The right is the art of what is good and what is fair (Legal term)
  61. Ius et norma loquendi - Law and rule of language
  62. Ius fruendi - Entitled to the fruits (Legal term)
  63. Ius gentium - Towns rights within the empire (Legal term)
  64. Ius gentium est quod naturalis ratio inter omnes homines constituit - Law of nations is the natural reason establishes among all men (Legal term - Gaius, second century roman juriconsult)
  65. Ius Gladii - The right of the sword (Legal term - Roman law referring to the power to sentence to death. For example, in the provinces this power was usually reserved for roman indigenous authority)
  66. Ius habendi - Right to own (Legal term)
  67. Ius honorum - Right to be honored (Legal term - right to be elected)
  68. Ius in bello - Law of War (Diplomatic term)
  69. Ius in re - Right in the action (Legal term)
  70. Ius legis actionis - The right of legal action (Legal term)
  71. Ius meum tuebor - I will defend my right (Thank you: Patrice)
  72. Ius naturale est quod natura omnia animalia docuit - The natural law is what nature has taught all living things (Legal term)
  73. Ius naturalis quod semper aequum ac bonum est - Natural law is what is always fair and good (Legal term - Julius Paulus)
  74. Ius nec stultis solere succurri, sed errantibus - The law does not help the fools. but those who make a mistake (Legal term Employment Law)
  75. Ius primae noctis - The law of the first night (They say that in medieval times, kings had the right to sleep with the bride on her wedding night. The groom could avoid this, if he paid the king)

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