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  1. Ille me amplexus atque osculans flere prohibebat - Hugging me and kissing me, he prevented me from crying (Love phrase - Cicero)
  2. Illegitimi non carborundum - Don't let the bastards grind you down
  3. Illi levia, hi falsa formidant, nos utraque - Those have minor things, these have false things, we have both. (Seneca - Epistulae morales ad Lucilium I, 4, 2)
  4. Illuminatio mea virtus - Illuminate my virtue
  5. Imaginatio regnabimus super terram - Imagination rules the world ( Thank you: L. Lawliet )
  6. Imagines maiorum - Statues of ancestors
  7. Imaginis honor ad prototypum pervenit - The honor rendered to an image goes to the prototype. (Ecclesiastical term - Explains that the veneration of images is addressed not to the image itself, but the person it represents)
  8. Impedio iniuriam cum possum - I prevent injustice whenever I can
  9. Imperator - Emperor (Commander of the Army -Abbreviated as Imp.)
  10. Imperium - Empire (Abbreviated as IMP.)
  11. Imperium et Libertas - Empire and Liberty (Cicero)
  12. Imperium proconsulare maius et infinitum - Empire Preconsul Major and infinite (A legal description of Caesar August's perpetual powers given by the Senate)
  13. Implebentur campi tui fertilitate - Clouds yours fertilize fields (Motto of the Municipality of Alberto Adriani in Merida, Venezuela)
  14. Impossibilium nulla obligatio est - The impossible can not be an oblication (Legal term - Corpus Iuris Civilis)
  15. Imprimatur - Print (. Word that was put after Nihil obstat. Can be printed, because they are no obstacle in terms of censorship)
  16. Imprimi potest - Permission to print
  17. Imprimisque hominis est propria veri inquisito atque investigatio - It is the duty of man to seek the truth
  18. Imprudencia punible - Punishable imprudence (Legal term - Actions and omissions are only punishable only when expressly provided by law)
  19. In absentia - In absence (Legal term)
  20. In absentia luci, tenebrae vinciunt - In absence of light, darkness prevails In acto - In the act (Legal term)
  21. In acto - In the act
  22. In aere aedificare - Built in the air (Augustine)
  23. In aeternum - In eternity
  24. In albis - In white
  25. In alio pediculum, in te ricinum non vides - You see a louse on someone else, but not a tick on yourself. (Petronius)
  26. In ambiguo - In ambiguity
  27. In amicitia nihil fictum est, nihil simulatum, et quidquid est, id est verum et voluntarium - In friendship there is nothing fictitious, nothing simulated, and it is in fact true and voluntary (Cicero - de Amicitia)
  28. In anima vili - In vile soul
  29. In articulo mortis - At the point of death (Legal term)
  30. In at flamma cardia - In the fire of my heart (Love phrase)
  31. In Audacibus Saevi - Fierce in daring matters (Motto of Marine Aircraft Group 36 - Thank you: a. jefferson )
  32. In bello primum - The first in wa
  33. In cassum missae preces - Prayers in vain (Livy - Threating letters sent to Rome in 480c)
  34. In cauda venenum - In the tail, poison (Letters that start nice, but end with an insult)
  35. In claris non fit interpretatio - When [the law] is clear, it does not need interpretation (Legal term)
  36. In Cogitationem nemo Patitur - In ideas there is no punishment (Legal term - Domitius Ulpianus - Digest 48.19.18)
  37. In Commendam - In trust (Ecclesiastical term - Benefits, such as land, given by the Church on a temporary basis)
  38. In continenti - Immediately
  39. In Contractus Qui Habet Tractus Succesivus Vel Dependentiam de Tempus, Pacta Sunt Servanda, Rebus Sic Stantibus Intelliguntur - In those contracts whose nature is ran in the course of time, we will be slaves of our promises to the extent that the subsequent reality is the same as which it was when we entered the contract (Ordinus - Pacta sunt servanda)
  40. In Corde Jesu et Mariae - In the heart of Jesus and Mary
  41. In cordibus omnium - In the heart of all
  42. In curia - In court (Ecclesiastical term)
  43. In diebus illis ... - In those days .. (Vulgate - Used at the start of a narration)
  44. In diem - In day (Legal term - See: Aditio in diem)
  45. In Domina - In our Lady (Thank you: Marianne Trace)
  46. In dubiis non est agendum - If there is a doubt, do not act
  47. In dubiis reus est absolvendus - When in doubt, you must acquit (Legal term)
  48. In dubio, contra stipulatorem - When in doubt, against who stipulated it (Legal term - When in doubt, judge against the person making the statement - Same as: In dubio, contra proferentem and Ambiguitas, contra stipulatorem)
  49. In dubio pro actione - In doubt, favor action (Legal term)
  50. In dubio pro debitoris - In doubt, favor the debtor (Legal term)
  51. In dubio pro operario - In doubt, favor the worker (Legal term)
  52. In dubio pro possesore - In doubt, favor the possessor (Legal term - Possession is nine tenths of the law)
  53. In dubio pro reo - In doubt, favor the convicted (Legal term)
  54. In dubio reus est absolvendus - If in doubt, you must acquit (Legal term)
  55. In dubio semper id, quod minus est, debetur - In doubt, it is always owed whatever is less (Legal term)
  56. In eligendo - (Legal term for the responsibility to choose the means and people to carry out a task )
  57. In eo quod amatur, aut non laboratur, aut et labor amatur - There is no fatigue when is something you love, or you love that fatigue
  58. In esse - In being (Philosophical term - Saint Thomas Aquinas - In existence - Before we are born we are in In posse. After we are born, we are In esse)
  59. In extenso - At full length
  60. In extremis - In the extreme (Legal Term - At the point of death, or in extreme circumstances - Medical Term - patient who is in critical condition, about to die)
  61. In facie ecclesiae - At the face of the church (Ecclesiastical term - e.g. a wedding)
  62. In fieri - In process (Pending)
  63. In fine - At the end
  64. In flagranti delicto - [Caught] in the act of the offence (Legal term - Caught with the hands in the cookie jar)
  65. In fraganti - In the act (Legal term - At the moment of committing the crime)
  66. In fragantia poesis abditus - In fragrance hidden poetry
  67. In globo - Globally (In mass)
  68. In hoc signo vinces - In this sign you will conquer (The Roman Emperor Constantine became a Christian after he dreamed of a cross and those words in Greek: Εν Τουτω Νικα. He won many battles after his soldiers painted crosses in their armors and shields)
  69. In Humilitate Vincis - In humility you will conquer (Motto del Rugby Club of the Metropolitan University in Caracas, Venezuela)
  70. In ictu oculi - In the blink of an eye
  71. In illo tempore - At that time
  72. In integrum - Integral (Legal term)
  73. In itinere - During the journey (Legal term - Something that happens during the fact)
  74. In ius vocatio - Call for justice (Legal term)
  75. In lacrimas Liqui - Break and cry
  76. In Libertatem Vocati - You have been called unto liberty (Vulgate - Galatians 5, 13)
  77. In limine litis - At the beginning of the process Legal term)
  78. In loco parentis - In lieu of parents (Legal Term - often used in Family Court to assign parental responsibilities often on non-biological parental substitutes/parties - Thank you: crj)
  79. In Lumine Sapientia - Wisdom is in the light (Motto of the Almeria University in Spain)
  80. In maculisi - Immaculate
  81. In magnis et voluisse satis est - To once have wanted is enough in great deeds (Propertius)
  82. In media res - In the middle of things (Literary technique where the narrative starts in the middle of the story)
  83. In medio stat virtus - The virtue is in the middle
  84. In mediu virtuas - The truth is in the middle (Legal term - neither party is right)
  85. In melo veritate reperimus - In the melody we find the truth
  86. In mente - In the mind
  87. In natura veritas - Truth is in nature
  88. In naturalibus - Naked
  89. In necesariis unitas, in dubiis libertas, in omnibus caritas - In certain things unity, in doubtful things liberty, in all things charity (Augustin)
  90. In nomine - In name
  91. In nomine Iesu omne genuflectatur, coelestium, terrestrium, et infernorum - In the name of Jesus everyone should kneel, in heaven, on earth and in hell (Ecclesiastical term)
  92. In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen - In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen
  93. In oculis animus habitat - In the eyes their character lives (Pliny the elder - Naturalis Historia - Looking at their eyes you can determine their character)
  94. In oculis vitia aliena habemus, a tergo nostra sunt - We have before our eyes the vices of others, our own are behind our backs (Seneca)
  95. In omni veritate - Truth in all
  96. In omnia paratus - Prepared for all thing
  97. In optima forma - At its best, in optimal form (This phrase is much used in Dutch - Thank you: Pieter Boogaart)
  98. In pace leones, in proelio cervi - Lions in peace, deer in battle (Tertullian, De Corona Militis)
  99. In pari materia - Of the same matter
  100. In partibus infidelium - In the lands of unbelievers (Ecclesiastical term - Mission in foreign lands)

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