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  1. Liberi esto felicitatem et gloriam consecuto salva Cruce - Under the protection of the cross, be free and obtain happiness and glory (Motto of the first flag of the Republic of Ecuador)
  2. Liberis est existimandus qui nulli turpitudini servit - It is considered free, the one who serves no disgrace
  3. Libertas capitur - Freedom is winning (Motto of the University Austral de Chile )
  4. Libertas est potestas faciendi id quod iure liceo - Freedom is the power to do what the law allows (Legal term)
  5. Libertas perfundet omnia luce - Freedom spreads the light over everyone
  6. Libertas quae sera tamen - Freedom although late (Motto of Brasilís Minas Gerais State)
  7. Libertate unanimus - United in freedom (Motto of the Netherlands Antilles)
  8. Liberum arbitrium - Free will
  9. Liberum, veto - Freely, I oppose
  10. Librorum Prohibitorum - Index of Prohibited Books (Is a list of those publications which the Catholic Church described as pernicious books for faith)
  11. Licentia loquendi - Freedom to speak (Diplomatic Term - permission or licenses to talk)
  12. Licentia poetica - Poetic license (Seneca)
  13. Lignum crucis - Wood of the cross
  14. Lignum vitae - Tree of Life (Book written by Arnold Wion in 1595 which recounts papal prophecies of Saint Malachy)
  15. Lilium et Rosa - Lily and Rose (Pope Urban VIII (1623-1644) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - There is no association with his coat of arms, name or birth place. Some people say it is because of conflicts between France (Lily) and England (Rose))
  16. Lingua Franca - Common language (Diplomatic Term)
  17. Litis contestatio - Demand answered (Legal term )
  18. Litis denuntiatio - Demand Served (Legal term )
  19. Loco Citato - In the place cite (Often abbreviated as loc. cit.)
  20. Locus amoenus - Loving place, pleasant
  21. Locus dolenti - The place where it hurts (In medicine: To apply medicine on the place where it hurts)
  22. Locus eremus - Solitary place (Love phrase - Refers to sensations and feelings of anxiety, fear, uncertainty, unhappiness and loneliness)
  23. Locus regit actum - The venue, the act governing (Legal term)
  24. Locus sigilli - Place of the stamp
  25. Longa manu - With short hand (Legal term - With warrant - Ownership by contract - Compare with longa manu)
  26. Longam esse duorum temporum brevem unius etiam pueri sciunt - Even boys know that the one called long takes up two beats, and the one calles short, one (Quintilian Institutio oratoria IX, 4, 47)
  27. Lubrica Nox - Luxurious night
  28. Luce sunt clariora tua concilia omnia - All your advice is clearer than the light (Cicero)
  29. Lucem adspicio - See the light (Motto of the University of Costa Rica)
  30. Luceo non uro - I shine, I do not burn (Motto of the McKenzie clan)
  31. Lucernam adhibere in meridie - View the Sun with a flashlight (Erasmus, Dutch writer and scholar born in Rotterdam, 1467-1536)
  32. Lucidus ordo - A clear layout
  33. Lucrum cessans - Profit ceased (Legal term - Llost of the opportunity to make a profit)
  34. Luctor et Emergo - I struggle and come up (Motto of Zeeland, the province of the Netherlands which is mostly below sea level)
  35. Luctus terrenus est, Glorior est semper - Pain is temporary, Pride is forever
  36. Lucus a non lucendo - A forest that canít be seen
  37. Ludi Saeculares - Secular Games
  38. Ludus perditus - Lost games (End of the good times)
  39. Lumen in Caelo - Light in The Sky (Pope Leo XIII (1878-1903) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - His coat of arms had a shooting star)
  40. Lumina spargo - Spread light (Motto of the University of Caldas, Manizales, Colombia)
  41. Luna Cosmedina - The Moon of Cosmedin (Pope Anti-pope Benedict XIII (1394-1423) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - His last name was "de Luna", "of the moon")
  42. Lunae dies - The day of the Moon (Moon day i.e. Monday)
  43. Lupa Caelestina - Celestinian or Heavenly She-Wolf (Pope Eugene IV (1431-1447) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - He was Bishop of Siena which bears a she-wolf on its coat of arms)
  44. Lupi Reali - Royal Wolves
  45. Lupus est homo homini, non homo, quom qualis sit non novit - A man is a wolf, and not a man, to another man, for as long as he doesn't know what he is like (Plautus - Asinaria)
  46. Lupus et agnus ad eundem rivum veverant - The wolf and the lamb going to the same river to drink (The enemy can be found in the most unexpected places)
  47. Lupus in aquam potant - The wolf drinks in the water
  48. Lusitania tessera omni armatura fortior - Lusitania with his banner can do more than all the armors (Motto of RCLAC (Cavalry Regiment of Light Cuirers) Lusitania 8)
  49. Lux et Veritas - Light and Truth (Motto of the University of Yale)
  50. Lux Fulget in aqua - The light shines in the water
  51. Lux in Ostio - A Light in the Entrance (Pope Lucius III (1181-1185) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - His name was Lucius and he was born in Lucca (both names derive from lux, light) and was bishop of Ostia (gate))
  52. Lux Lucis Humaninate - Light of lights for Humanity
  53. Lux Mundi - World light (Motto and the name of "Lux Mundi College" located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)
  54. Lux, Pax, Vis - Light, Peace, Force (Motto of the Normal School "Miguel F. Martinez" Centenaria and Benemerita")
  55. Lux unitas clarior - Light becomes brighter when focused (Motto of the first Venezuelan Republic, 1811-1812)
  56. Lux, Veritas et Virtus - Light, Truth and virtue (Northeastern University Motto in Boston, Massachusetts)
  57. Macte nova virtute puer: sic itur ad astra - Look to your new-found courage, young man, for that is the way to the stars! (Aphorism taken from Virgilís Aeneid . Is now used to emphasize the willingness to fight and put effort in difficult situations. The last part (Sic itur ad astra) contained in the shield of the Colombian Air Force)
  58. Maestitiam pellere exanimis - Spirit away from the sadness
  59. Magis esse quam videri oportet - It is more important to be, than to appear
  60. Magister dixit - The teacher said it (Fallacy that considers something is true, just because the teacher said it. It is another form of Argumentum ad verecundiam )
  61. Magister equitum - Head of knighthood
  62. Magister in Artibus - MA - Master of Arts (University Degree - abbreviated as MA)
  63. Magister in Negotiis Administrandis - Master of Business Administration (University Degree - MBA - Latin version abbreviated as MNA)
  64. Magister in Scientiis - Master of Science (University Degree - Abbreviated as MSc)
  65. Magister militum - Head of soldiers
  66. Magister Mundi sum - I am the master of the world
  67. Magister officiorum - Head office
  68. Magna Cum Laude - With Great Praise (Academic term - Used on degree certificates to indicate exceptional academic standing)
  69. Magna est veritas et praevalet - The truth is great and it prevails (Motto of Horace Mann School in Bronx, NY)
  70. Magna Hispalense - The great Hispalis (Motto of the Cathedral of Seville, Spain)
  71. Magni nominis umbra - The shadow of a great name (refers to Pompey and applies to men who lived during that time)
  72. Magnificat anima mea Dominum et exsultavit spiritus meus in Deo salutari meo - My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior (Luke 1, 46-47)
  73. Magnis itineribus - Forced marches (Military phrase)
  74. Magno dedo cordi, erit tibi hoc - Deliver your heart magnificently, this will succeed
  75. Magnopere patrem diligebat quamquam eum numquam viderat - He loved his father, although he had never seen him
  76. Magnu conatu, magnas nugas - A great effort for great trifles (Terence - So much work for so little gain)
  77. Magnum nomen est magna species magna dignitas magna maiestas consulis - It's big name, famous appearance, high dignity, pride of the consul's greatness (Cicero - Calpvrnivm Pisonem Oratio, XI)
  78. Magnum opus - Masterpiece
  79. Magnum vectigal est parsinomia - The economy is a major income (Cicero. The context of the sentence reads: "On immortal gods, men do not understand that a great source of wealth is the economy.)
  80. Magnus itineribus - By forced march (Military phrase)
  81. Maiestas minuta - Little Betrayal
  82. Maior singulis, universis minor - Greater than One, Less than All (Legal term - Aristotleís phrase that refers to the person who is the ruler )
  83. Maior sum quam qui mancipium sim corporis mei - I'm too big to be a slave of my body (Philosophical term put forward as the antithesis of the old Socratic thesis that said: The body is the prison of the soul.) )
  84. Maiora pluraque in vita facienda sunt quam vivere - There are more and greater things to do in life than live ( Thank you: Eugene )
  85. Maiores aliud ius gentium, aliud ius civile esse voluerunt - The elders wanted one thing to be right of nations, the other thing to be the civil law (Legal term)
  86. Mala digestio, nulla felicitas - Bad digestion, no happiness (Sentence that warns about excess eating.)
  87. Mala grammaticam non vitiat chartam - The misspellings or bad grammar do not invalidate a document (It means that if legible, it is valid)
  88. Mala praxis - Malpractice (Legal term - when a professional makes an error. For example: take a surgeon on trial for mala praxis)
  89. Mala sine cortica bona, cum cortica meliora - Apples are good without skin, but with skin there better
  90. Male parta, male dilabuntur - Badly acquired, badly disappears (Easy comes, easy goes)
  91. Malleus maleficarum - Witches' hammer (Prosecution of witches)
  92. Malo ad campanam quam ad tubae surgere clangorem - I prefer to rise to a bell than to the blare of a trumpet
  93. Malo hic esse primus quam Romae secundus - I prefer to be first in this place than to be second at Rome. (Julius Caesar, according to Plutarch )
  94. Malo miri quam fedari - Rather die than be disgraced
  95. Malo mori quam foedari - I'd rather die than get dirty (be disgraced) (Motto of the Vega family)
  96. Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium - I prefer freedom with danger, than slavery with security
  97. Malum consilium quod mutari non potest - A bad decision is one that can not be changed (Publius Sirus)
  98. Malum quidem nullum esse sine aliquo bono - There is no bad that will not come with good (Pliny the Elder in Naturalis Historia )
  99. Malum sed mulliere, sed necessarium malum - Women are evil, a necessary evil (Philosophical Term)
  100. Mancipatio - Formal legal act (Legal term - referring to particular things that can emancipate (mancipi) There are those also unable emancipate (nec mancipi) )

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