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  1. Occasio furem facit - The opportunity makes the thie
  2. Occasio legis - Conditions that generated the law (Legal term)
  3. Occidente sole - At sunset (Cicero)
  4. Oculis et unguibus aeque victrix - By eyes and claws, equally victorious (Phrase rebel flag of Mexico)
  5. Oculum pro oculo, et dentem pro dente - An eye for eye, tooth for tooth (Latin Vulgate Bible, Exodus 41.24)
  6. Oderint dum metuant - Let them hate so long as they fear (Lucius Accius)
  7. Odi et amo - I love and hate
  8. Omne tulit punctum, qui miscuit utile dulci - He, who has blended the useful with the sweet, has gained every point (Horace - Poetic Art - Verse 343)
  9. Omne verum, a quocumque dicatur, a Spiritu Sancto est - All truth, regardless who says it, comes from the Holy Spirit (Saint Thomas Aquinas Summa Theologiae)
  10. Omnes trahimur studio laudis - We are all led by the lure of the glory (Ancient Roman proverb)
  11. Omnes una manet nox - The same night awaits us all (Horace)
  12. Omnes volumus plus. Et plus, et plus et plurimus - We all want more. And more, and more and much more (Philosophical term - Human insatiability: "The more you have, the more you want”)
  13. Omnia in bonum - Everything turns good (Given the difficulties of the ordinary life, God help us turn things good - Motto of San Jose Maria Escriva de Balaguer, Spanish priest and founder of Opus Dei)
  14. Omnia labor optat premium - All work has to be compensated (paid) ( Thank you: K. Mompalao - Malta )
  15. Omnia mea mecum porto - Everything I have, I carry with m
  16. Omnia mutantur nos et mutamur in illis - All things change, and we change with the
  17. Omnia per Ipsum Facta Sunt - All things are or happen by themselves (Latin Vulgate Bible - John 1:3)
  18. Omnia saturatio mala, autem perdiciam pessima - All indigestions are bad, but the worst is from eating partridges.
  19. Omnia siccis dura - Everything is hard for the dry (Epicurean ruling, indicating that people are sad when they do not drink)
  20. Omnia tempus habent - All things have their time
  21. Omnia vincit Amor; et nos cedamus Amori - Love triumphs over everything; let's give way to love (Virgil in "Bucolics")
  22. Omnia vincit labor improbus - All can be done with dedicated effort
  23. Omnia Vitae Virtus - Everything in life is Vitue (Motto of "La Paz" school in Veracruz, Mexico)
  24. Omnibus enim mobilibus mobilior est sapientia - Of all the things that move, wisdom moves the most (Latin Vulgate Bible, the Book of Wisdom 7.24)
  25. Omnibus nobilibus, nobilior sapientia - Of all the noble things, wisdom is the noblest
  26. Omnibus omnia est lex - All things for all men is the law
  27. Omnis mundi creatura, quasi liber et pictura, nobis est in speculum - Each creature of the world is as a book, painting and a mirror for us (Alain of Lille)
  28. Omnis mundus iucundetur - The entire world is happy (Ecclesiastical term - Christmas Song)
  29. Omnis res est se ipsa singularis et per nihil aliud - Every thing is individual by virtue of itself and nothing else (Peter Auriol)
  30. Omnium consensu capax imperii nisi imperasset - According to all he would have been able to govern even though he had never ruled (Publius Cornelius Tacitus - Annals)
  31. Omnium horarum - Suitable for any tim
  32. Omnium Potientor Est Sapientia - The power is in full knowledge (Motto of the Central University of Ecuador)
  33. Onus probandi - The burden of proof (Legal term)
  34. Opera - Result of work (Applies to the works of musicians. Thus: the symphony, opus 45, such and such. )
  35. Opera prima - Work First (First novel from an author / work that comes first )
  36. Operibus credite, et non verbis - Give credit to the work rather than word
  37. Oportet Illum Regnare - He must reig
  38. Optimum cibi condimentum fames - The best seasoning is hunger (Cicero)
  39. Optimum non nasci - The best thing is not being born (Pliny the Elder, Naturalis Historia)
  40. Optimum tibi condimentum fames - The best spice is hunger (Cicero - de Finibus II, 28)
  41. Opus citatum - Works cite
  42. Opus dei - Work of Go
  43. Ora et labora - Pray and work (Thank you: Arthur Zawodny )
  44. Ora et labora - Prays and work
  45. Ora lege, lege, lege, relege labora et invenis - Pray, read, read, read, read hard and invent.
  46. Orandum est ut sit mens sana in corpore sano - We have to want to have a healthy mind in a healthy body (Decimus Junius Juvenalis)
  47. Oratio vultus animi est - Language is the soul of the face (You can pretend to be good, if you speak well)
  48. Ordinarium missae - Mass Ordinary (Ecclesiastical term)
  49. Ordinatio judicii - Management of a trial (Legal term)
  50. Ordinis Praedicatoris - O.P - Order of Preachers (Dominicans)
  51. Ordinis San Agustinus - O.S.A - Order of Saint Augustine (Augustinians)
  52. Ordinis San Benitus - O.S.B - Order of Saint Benedict (Benedictines)
  53. Ordinis San Franciscus - O.S.F - Order of Saint Francis (Franciscans)
  54. Ordo ad chao - The order over chaos (Written on the flag of the Supreme Council of the Brazilian Mazonaria)
  55. Orta recens quam pura nites - Newborn how bright you shine (Motto of New South Wales, Australia)
  56. Ossa et ceneres Pii IX papae - Bones and ashes of Pope Pius IX (Phrase written in the tombstone of Pope Pius IX)
  57. Otium sine litteris mors est et hominis vivi sepultura - Leisure without literature is death and burial of the man alive (Seneca)
  58. Pacem in terris - Peace on Earth (Ecclesiastical term - Encyclical of Pope John XXIII)
  59. Pacta legem contractui dant - The pacts give the force of law to the contract (Legal term)
  60. Pacta sunt servanda - The pacts have met (It is a principle of international law, which states that an agreement or treaty between two nations should be respected by both)
  61. Paete, non dolet - Doesn’t hurt, Peto (Peto, according to Roman mythology, was sentenced to death, but he wanted to commit his suicide to challenge his judges. To lend support, his wife, Arria, was stabbed herself with a dagger and then passed to him by saying these words)
  62. Pallida mors aequo pulsat pede pauperum tabernas regumque turres - The pale death strikes in similar fashion in the huts of the poor and in the palaces of kings (Horace - Odes Also mentioned in the Preface of "Don Quixote of the Mancha",1605, by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra)
  63. Palma non sine pulvere - I got the upper hand, but not without working
  64. Palmam qui meruit ferat - The glory is for those who deserve (Phrase is placed on the catafalque Horace Nelson, the hero of the Battle of Trafalgar [21-10-1805])
  65. Panem et circenses - Bread and Circus (Decimus Junius Juvenalis - Satire - Used to describe what the emperor had to do to placate the Roman crowd. Today is used to describe anything used to distract public attention from more serious matters)
  66. Panem probato levem, gravemque caseum - Eat light bread and heavy cheese. (To point out that bread is a simple guide to the cheese)
  67. Panis angelicus - Bread of Angels (Ecclesiastical term - Part of one of Hymns of Saint Thomas Aquinas)
  68. Par conditio creditorum - Equal treatment of creditors (Legal term - in the case of the liquidation of companies in difficulty that are not viable, the system of preferences and exclusions for creditors must be reviewed)
  69. Par in parem non habet impuerium - Peers have no jurisdiction over the other one (Legal term)
  70. Par inparem non habet imperium - An equal has no power over an equal ( On the basis of this maxim, no State can claim jurisdiction over another. This is one which flow from the doctrine of equality of States - Thank you: Rosa Manson )
  71. Par Oneri - Equal To The Task
  72. Parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus - Mountains will give birth, a ridiculus mouse (Of the Fable of Aesop "The birth of the mountains", is used when you want to denounce or ridicule the gap between expectations and the end result, similar to "Much Ado About Nothing")
  73. Parva propria magna, magna aliena parva - Small, but mine. Big, but someone else’s (Decalogue)
  74. Parva saepe scintilla magnum incendium insperato excitat - The small spark often leads to an unexpectedly large fire (Fifth Curcio, I s. Roman historian, author of Life of Alexander the Great)
  75. Parva sub ingenti - Small under the protection of the big (Motto of the Prince Edward Island, Canada)

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