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  1. Magis esse quam videri oportet - It is more important to be, than to appear
  2. Magister dixit - The teacher said it (Fallacy that considers something is true, just because the teacher said it. It is another form of Argumentum ad verecundiam )
  3. Magister equitum - Head of knighthood
  4. Magister in Artibus - MA - Master of Arts (University Degree - abbreviated as MA)
  5. Magister in Negotiis Administrandis - Master of Business Administration (University Degree - MBA - Latin version abbreviated as MNA)
  6. Magister in Scientiis - Master of Science (University Degree - Abbreviated as MSc)
  7. Magister militum - Head of soldiers
  8. Magister Mundi sum - I am the master of the world
  9. Magister officiorum - Head office
  10. Magna Cum Laude - With Great Praise (Academic term - Used on degree certificates to indicate exceptional academic standing)
  11. Magna est veritas et praevalet - The truth is great and it prevails (Motto of Horace Mann School in Bronx, NY)
  12. Magna Hispalense - The great Hispalis (Motto of the Cathedral of Seville, Spain)
  13. Magni nominis umbra - The shadow of a great name (refers to Pompey and applies to men who lived during that time)
  14. Magnificat anima mea Dominum et exsultavit spiritus meus in Deo salutari meo - My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior (Luke 1, 46-47)
  15. Magnis itineribus - Forced marches (Military phrase)
  16. Magno dedo cordi, erit tibi hoc - Deliver your heart magnificently, this will succeed
  17. Magnopere patrem diligebat quamquam eum numquam viderat - He loved his father, although he had never seen him
  18. Magnu conatu, magnas nugas - A great effort for great trifles (Terence - So much work for so little gain)
  19. Magnum nomen est magna species magna dignitas magna maiestas consulis - It's big name, famous appearance, high dignity, pride of the consul's greatness (Cicero - Calpvrnivm Pisonem Oratio, XI)
  20. Magnum opus - Masterpiece
  21. Magnum vectigal est parsinomia - The economy is a major income (Cicero. The context of the sentence reads: "On immortal gods, men do not understand that a great source of wealth is the economy.)
  22. Magnus itineribus - By forced march (Military phrase)
  23. Maiestas minuta - Little Betrayal
  24. Maior singulis, universis minor - Greater than One, Less than All (Legal term - Aristotleís phrase that refers to the person who is the ruler )
  25. Maior sum quam qui mancipium sim corporis mei - I'm too big to be a slave of my body (Philosophical term put forward as the antithesis of the old Socratic thesis that said: The body is the prison of the soul.) )
  26. Maiora pluraque in vita facienda sunt quam vivere - There are more and greater things to do in life than live ( Thank you: Eugene )
  27. Maiores aliud ius gentium, aliud ius civile esse voluerunt - The elders wanted one thing to be right of nations, the other thing to be the civil law (Legal term)
  28. Mala digestio, nulla felicitas - Bad digestion, no happiness (Sentence that warns about excess eating.)
  29. Mala grammaticam non vitiat chartam - The misspellings or bad grammar do not invalidate a document (It means that if legible, it is valid)
  30. Mala praxis - Malpractice (Legal term - when a professional makes an error. For example: take a surgeon on trial for mala praxis)
  31. Mala sine cortica bona, cum cortica meliora - Apples are good without skin, but with skin there better
  32. Male parta, male dilabuntur - Badly acquired, badly disappears (Easy comes, easy goes)
  33. Malleus maleficarum - Witches' hammer (Prosecution of witches)
  34. Malo ad campanam quam ad tubae surgere clangorem - I prefer to rise to a bell than to the blare of a trumpet
  35. Malo hic esse primus quam Romae secundus - I prefer to be first in this place than to be second at Rome. (Julius Caesar, according to Plutarch )
  36. Malo miri quam fedari - Rather die than be disgraced
  37. Malo mori quam foedari - I'd rather die than get dirty (be disgraced) (Motto of the Vega family)
  38. Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium - I prefer freedom with danger, than slavery with security
  39. Malum consilium quod mutari non potest - A bad decision is one that can not be changed (Publius Sirus)
  40. Malum quidem nullum esse sine aliquo bono - There is no bad that will not come with good (Pliny the Elder in Naturalis Historia )
  41. Malum sed mulliere, sed necessarium malum - Women are evil, a necessary evil (Philosophical Term)
  42. Mancipatio - Formal legal act (Legal term - referring to particular things that can emancipate (mancipi) There are those also unable emancipate (nec mancipi) )
  43. Manduco me flumen de vobis - How I laugh at you (Macaronic Latin)
  44. Mane nobiscum quoniam advesperascitt - Stay with us Lord, because it's getting late. (Vulgate - Luke 24, 29 - Petition of the disciples on the road to Amaus Gospels)
  45. Mane vobiscum Domine - Stay with us, Lord
  46. Mantua me genuit; Calabri rapuere; tenet nunc
    Parthenope; Cecini pascua, rura, duces
    Mantua gave me birth; Calabrian took me away
    ( Today they have me) Partenope holds me. I sang of pastures, farms, leaders
    (Virgil epitaph)
  47. Manu militari - With a military hand (Diplomatic Term - Using weapons instead of agreements, alliances or dialogue)
  48. Manum misi in ignem - I put my hand in the fire (St. Jerome)
  49. Manumissio - Emancipation (Legal term - In Rome, act provision under which the slave is free and citizen)
  50. Manus manum lavat - One hand washes the other
  51. Mare magnum - Large Sea
  52. Mare Nostrum - Our Sea (Refers to the Mediterranean Sea)
  53. Maremagnum - Big stormy sea, (Diplomatic Term - Refers to any issue that is complicated, tangled, confusing or that involves many people to assess it)
  54. Mariae, nunquam satis - Mary, never enough (St. Bernardus Clairval)
  55. Marito non licet nocere propriam uxorem - The husband does not have the right to harm his own wife (Legal term)
  56. Martis dies - The day of Mars (Tuesday)
  57. Mater dei, memento, memento mei - Mother of God, remember, remember me
  58. Mater et magistra - Mother and teacher (Vulgate - Encyclical of John XXIII)
  59. Mater saeva Cupidinum - The savage mother of Cupid (Horace - Carmina I, 19, 1 - refers to Venus, the goddess of love)
  60. Mater semper certa, pater coud nuptias demonstram - The mother is always known, the father is known through marriage (Roman proverb that establishes the presumption of paternity of the husband)
  61. Mater tua mala burra est - Your mother eats red apples (In Spanish it could be interpreted as an insult, but it is not)
  62. Matrum ornamenta liberi sunt - The children are their mother adornment.
  63. Maxima debetur puero reverentia - A child is owed the greatest respect (Decimus Junius Juvenalis)
  64. Maxima est capitis deminutio, cum aliquis simul et civitatem et libertatem amittit - The maximum decrease in rights occurs when a person loses freedom and citizenship (Legal term in ancient Rome)
  65. Me Caesar incestam putat, qua sacra faciente vicit triumphavit! - Caeser thinks I committed incest, when as long I carried out the sacred rites he has been victorious and triumphant (Pliny the younger - Words of vestal Corenelia, when she was tried and executed by Domitian)
  66. Me fallit - I was fooled
  67. Me lumen; vos umbra regit - Light is my guide, the shadow is yours (Legal term - Refers to the intentionality of certain facts, knowing good is light and dark is evil)
  68. Me, me adsum qui feci - I, I was the one who did it (Legal term - confession)
  69. Mea culpa - My fault (Ecclesiastical term - Is always in a context of recognizing something wrong, apologizing, etc. For example "I confess I am a sinner")
  70. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa - My fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault (Prayer of confession at the Catholic Mass)
  71. Mea mihi conscientia pluris est quam omnium sermo - My conscience is more important to me than any speech (Cicero)
  72. Medice cura te ipsum - Medic, cure yourself (It is used when someone gives advice that does not apply to your life)
  73. Medici graviores morbos asperis remediis curant - The doctors cured with harsh remedies (Fifth Curcio, Roman historian s. I, author of Life of Alexander the Great)
  74. Medicinae Doctoris - Medicine Doctor (University Degree - abbreviated as MD)
  75. Medico meo omnis horae - For my doctor of all hours (Phrase engraved on the watch given by a patient to a doctor)
  76. Meditationes de cognitione, veritate et ideis - Reflections on the knowledge, truth and ideas (Work of Leibniz)
  77. Medium Corpus Pilarum - Half Body of the Pills (Pope Gregory XIII (1572-1585) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - He was cardinal by Pius V who was a medic, the ones who give out medicine balls, or pills. His coat of arms had a half dragon )
  78. Melior est canis vivus leone mortuo - Better a live dog than a dead lion
  79. Melior est im via, amor Dei quam Dei cognitio - In this live it is better to love God, than to know him (Saint Thomas Aquinas)
  80. Melior est in inferno regnare quam in coelo servire - It is better to reign in hell, than to serve in heaven (John Milton)
  81. Melioribus annis - In better times
  82. Melius esse iudicans pharisaeorum displicere iudicio et episcoporum iussionibus deservire - It is better to oppose the judgment of the Pharisees and to obey the ordinances of bishops (St. Jerome)
  83. Melius est flerisse quam flere - It is better to have cried, than to cry
  84. Melius est habere quam habuisse - It is better to have, than to have had
  85. Melius est pede quam labi lingua - It is better to slip with the foot, than with the tongue
  86. Mellita domi adsum - Honey, I'm hom
  87. Memento homo, quia pulvis eris et in pulverem reverteris - Remember man, that you are dust and to dust you return (Ecclesiastical term - Used in the ceremony of the imposition of Ash Wednesday - Vulgate, Genesis 3.19)
  88. Memento mei - Remember Me (Ecclesiastical term - Words that a priest says to another when he goes to celebrate mass)
  89. Memento mori - Remember that you must die
  90. Memento vivere - Remember that you are alive (Philosophical term)
  91. Memoria minuitur nisi eam exerceas - The memory diminishes, if you donít exercise it
  92. Mendacem oportet esse memorem - To lie, you must have good memory
  93. Mens agitat molem - The mind moves matter (Virgil)
  94. Mens agitat molens - The mind moves the moles
  95. Mens divinior - Poetic mind
  96. Mens et cor homo est - The man is mind and heart (Vicente Garcia L - the man is not just body and mind only, but both together)
  97. Mens legis - Will of the legislature (Legal term)
  98. Mens Rea - Guilty mind (Legal term which is used in common law, it comes from the Latin phrase, "actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea", which means "the act will not make a person guilty, unless the mind is also guilty ".)
  99. Mens sana in corpore sano - Healthy mind, healthy body (Decimus Junius Juvenalis)
  100. Mente captus - Lack of intelligence

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