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  1. Allere Flammam Veritatis - Let flame of truth shine (Motto of University of Nuevo Leon, Mexico)
  2. Alma mater - Nourishing mother (Academic term - refers to the institution where one got his/her degree)
  3. Alma parens - Nurturing parent (Virgil - Aeneid X)
  4. Alter ego - The other I (Term used in Physiology - Refers to other personalities of people who have schizophrenia)
  5. Alter idem - The second self (Another thing exactly the same)
  6. Alter parens - Other Parent (Legal term - Person whom something is owe )
  7. Alterius non sit qui suus esse potest - A man cannot belong to another, if he can belong to himself (Paracelsus [Theophrastus Phillippus Aureolus Bombastus von Hohenheim ] Swiss Doctor (1493-1541))
  8. Altissima quaeque flumina minimo sono labi - The deepest rivers flow with minimum sound (Still waters run deep - The most profound words are not necessarily the loudest ones)
  9. Altius, citius, fortius - Swifter, Higher, Stronger (Olympic Motto)
  10. Altum silentium - Profound silence
  11. Ama Deum et fac quod vis - Love God and do what you want (Augustine)
  12. Ama et quod vis fac - Love and do what you want (St. Augustine - Principle of Christian ethics)
  13. Ama me usque dum dolet. Si dolet signum bonum est - Love until it hurts. If it hurts, it is good
  14. Amabilis insania - Fond illusion (Horace, Odes, III, 5)
  15. Amantes sunt amentes - Lovers are demented
  16. Amantium irae amoris integratio est - The quarrels of lovers are the renewal of love - (Terence - Andria III 6, 556)
  17. Amare et sapere vix deo conceditur - Ever for God is hard to love and be wise (Syrus - Sententiae, 22)
  18. Amat victoria curam - Victory loves the care (Victory favors those who prepare)
  19. Amata bene - Well loved
  20. Amator Crucis - Lover of the Cross (Pope Antipope Felix V (1439-1449) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - He was called Amadeus, Duke of Savoy. His coat of arms was a cross)
  21. Amen dico vobis quia unus vestrum me traditurus est - Truly I say to you that one of you shall betray me (Vulgate - Matthew 26, 20 - Said by Jesus)
  22. Ames parentem, si aequus est: si aliter, feras - Love your father, if he is just; if he is otherwise, bear with him (Syrus)
  23. Amici, diem perdidi - A Friends, I lost a day (Vespasian)
  24. Amicitia amicorum magnam laetitiam nobis parat - The friendship of the great friends, joy lies ahead (Although it seems redundant, it is not. On the contrary the author wants to draw attention to true friendship)
  25. Amicitia pulchra est - Friendship is beautiful
  26. Amicitia quae desinere potest, vera nunquam fuit - A friendship that can cease, was never a true friendship (St. Jerome)
  27. Amicitia semper prodest, amor aliquando etiam nocet - Friendship always takes advantage, love sometimes fails (Seneca)
  28. Amicitia te cum mihi non est - I do not have friendship with you
  29. Amicitia vera illuminat - Authentic friendship shines
  30. Amicitiae nostrae memoriam spero sempiternam fore - I hope that the memory of our friendship will be everlasting. (Thank you: Cicero)
  31. Amicule, deliciae, num is sum qui mentiar tibi? - Love, sweetheart, would I lie to you
  32. Amicus Actus - Amicable or Friendly - Thank you: Julio Ramirez
  33. Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur - A certain friend is seen in an uncertain matte
  34. Amicus curiae - A friend of the court (Legal term - Advisor in matter of law)
  35. Amicus est tamquam alter idem - A friend is the same for another me
  36. Amicus fidelis protectio fortis; qui autem invenit illum, invenit thesaurum. Amico fideli nulla est comparatio, et non est ponderatio contra bonitatem illius - A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter; The one who finds one finds a treasure (Vulgate Sirach /Ecclesiastes 6, 14)
  37. Amicus humani generis - A friend of the human race (A philanthropist - It is also used in a satirical sense to describe people who are friends of the whole world without actually be friends with anyone, for example television personality and political leaders)
  38. Amicus Plato, sed magis amica veritas - Plato I love, but I love Truth more (Latin translation of Socrates quote)
  39. Amicus protectio fortis - Strong protection by friends (Motto of Cedros school in Mexico City)
  40. Amittit merito proprium qui alienum adpetit - He deservedly loses his own property who covets the property of others (Phraedo Book 1, Fable 4 Canis per fluvium carnem ferens)
  41. Amor animi arbitrio sumitur, non ponitur - We choose to love, we do not choose to cease loving (Syrus)
  42. Amor es fortior amitia - Love is stronger than friendship (Friendship can fail but true love fails not - Thank you: DR Goelic Medici )
  43. Amor est vitae essentia - Love is the essence of life
  44. Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus - Love is rich with both honey and venom (Titus Maccius Plautus - Cislellaria, 68)
  45. Amor, ex quo amicitia es nominata - Love from which takes its name friendship. (Cicero)
  46. Amor omnia vincit - Love Conquers all (Virgil - Eclogues X)
  47. Amor omnibus idem - Love is the same for all (Vergilius)
  48. Amor patriae in radice charitates fundatur - Love for the fatherland is founded in the root of charity (Bartholomew of Lucca, 12271327, medieval Italian historian)
  49. Amor platonicus - Platonic love (Related to the Greek philosopher Plato - Purely spiritual, not carnal)
  50. Amor Scientia Que Inserviant Cordi - Love and Science to serve the Heart (Motto of National Institute of Cardiology Ignacio Chavez in Mexico City)
  51. Amor tussique non celatur - Love and cough can not be concealed
  52. Amore dultis exitus Love darkens success
  53. Amorea mortuus sum - I am dead for love
  54. Amoris irae amoris integratio sunt - The quarrels of lovers are the renewal of love (Terrence)
  55. Amoris vulnus idem sanat qui facit - The wound of love, is healed by the same who makes it (Syrus)
  56. Amoto quaeramus seria ludo ~ Jokes aside, let us turn to serious matters (Horace - Sermones I, I, 27)
  57. An invidiam posteritatis times? - Is that you fear, the hatred of posterity? (Cicero - Oratio In Catilinam I)
  58. An nescis, mi fili, quantilla sapientia mundus regatur? - Don't you know then, my son, how little wisdom rules the world? (Axel Oxenstierna 15831654, Swedish statesman)
  59. An veritas, an nihil - The truth or nothing (Motto of the Philosophy department of the Colima University in Mexico)
  60. Anathema sit - let him/her be anathema (Ecclesiastical term - Anathema is greek for curse, excommunication)
  61. Anaxagoras audita morte filii: "Nihil, inquit, mihi inexspectatum aut novum nuncias Ego enim ellum ex me natum, sciebam esse mortalem" - When Anaxagoras learned of the death of his son: "Nothing new or unexpected you tell me. I knew that he who was born by me was mortal" (Philosopher Anaxagoras)
  62. Anceps imago - Two headed image (Hypocrisy - Man with two faces)
  63. Angelus Domini nuntiavit Mariae - The angel of the Lord announced to Mary (Ecclesiastical term - Gregorian Chant - Angelus)
  64. Angelus Nemorosus - Angel of the Grove (Pope St. Pius V (1566-1572) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - He was born in Bosco, Lombardy. Bosco means grove)
  65. Anguinus Vir - A Snake-like Man (Pope Gregory X (1271-1276) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - His family, Visconti, coat of arms had a serpent)
  66. Angusta viarum - The narrow roads
  67. Animale Rurale - Rural Animal (Pope Benedict XIV (1740-1758) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - There is no clear link between Pope and Motto. It is said that he worked as hard as an ox on his writings - Others claim that it is in relation to "donkey", because during the conclave, he said "If you wish to elect a saint, choose Gotti; a statesman, Aldrovandi, a donkey, elect me".)
  68. Animo cupienti nihil satis festinatur - For an impatient spirit nothing is done too quickly
  69. Animo et fortuna parentis terror quod virtum - Courage and luck is related to terror and virtue
  70. Animula vagula blandula Hospes comesque corporis, Quae nunc abibis in loca Pallidula, rigida, nudula, Nec, ut soles, dabis iocos - Little soul, soft, wandering guest and friend of the body, you'll go now pale, hard, bare spots and you will not play, as you usually did (Philosophical Term - these words were spoken by the emperor Hadrian Augustus, expresses the dualism body and soul, at the approach of death, longing for love games)
  71. Animum debes mutare non caelum - You should change your attitude, not your sky (Seneca - Epistulae morales ad Lucilium, XXVIII - You don't make things better, just by moving to another place. You need to change your way of life.)
  72. Animus aequus optimum est aerumnae condimentum - A fair intent is the best seasoning for disaster (Plautus, Rudens)
  73. Animus confidenti - Intention to confess (Legal term)
  74. Animus defendendi - Intention to defend (Legal term)
  75. Animus domini - Intent to be owner (Legal term)
  76. Animus donandi - Intention to make a gift (Legal term)
  77. Animus hominis est inmortalis corpus mortale - The human soul is immortal, the body is mortal (Augustine)
  78. Animus in consulendo liber - Free spirit to decide (Cato the Elder - Motto of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization - NATO)
  79. Animus iniuriandi - Intent to injure (Legal term normally written as cum animo iniuriandi)
  80. Animus iocandi - Intent to joke (Legal term)
  81. Animus laedendi - Intent to injure (Legal term)
  82. Animus lucrandi - Intent to make a profit (Legal term)
  83. Animus necandi - Intent to harm (Legal term)
  84. Animus Possidendi - An intention to possess (Legal Term - In claims for adverse possession that concerns land, it is essential to prove that person who has physically possess the land must also have an intention to actually possess the land. Without which, no Adverse Possession could be established. - Thank you: Mathilda Kwong)
  85. Animus rem sibi habendi - Intent to keep the thing (Legal term)
  86. Animus revertendi - Intent to return (Legal term - Roman law applied to lost animals. They no longer belonged to their owner, if they left the property without the intent to return)
  87. Animus risu novatur - The spirit is refreshed with laughter (Cicero)
  88. Animus solvendi - Intention to pay (Legal term)
  89. Annalium ab excesu divi Augusti libri - Annal books since the death of the divine Augustus (Tacitus)
  90. Anno aerae vulgaris - The vulgar era (Same as: Common Era Anno Christi, and Anno Domini - Used to count time after the birth of Jesus Christ - Basis of the Western calendar - Abbreviated as AAV)
  91. Anno aetatis suae - In the year of his/her age (Refers to the inscription on the tomb that specifies the age of the deceased - Abbreviated as AAS)
  92. Anno Christi - Year of Christ (Same as Anno Domini - Used to count time after the birth of Jesus Christ - Basis of the Western calendar)
  93. Anno Domini - In the year of Our Lord (Used to count time after the birth of Jesus Christ - Basis of the Western calendar abbreviated as AD)
  94. Anno Hegirae - Year of the escape (Basis of the Islamic calendar, the year of the flight of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina in 622 - Abbreviated as AH)
  95. Anno mundi - Year of the world (Basis of the Jewish calendar - Many dates have been calculated, but the most accepted by Jewish scholars is 3761 BC abbreviated as AM)
  96. Anno Regi - Year of the King (Abbreviated as AR)
  97. Anno regni - Year of his/her reign
  98. Anno salutis - In the year of the Salvation (Same as: Common Era, Anno aerae vulgaris, Anno Christi, and Anno Domini - Used to count time after the birth of Jesus Christ - Basis of the Western calendar)
  99. Anno trecentessimo altero quam condita Roma erat - The year 302 after the founding of Rome (Livy - Book III)
  100. Annorum vinum, socius vetus et vetus aurum - Old wine, old friend and old gold (The virtue of old age)

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