1. Praecursor Siciliae - A Fore-Runner from Sicily (Pope Innocent VIII (1484-1492) motto, according to Saint Malachy prophecies)
  2. Praefectus annonae - Prefect of supplies to the city.
  3. Praefectus praetorio - Prefect of the Praetorian
  4. Praefectus urbi - Rome Prefect.
  5. Praefectus vigilium - Prefect of vigilance (police and fire).)
  6. Praeferre patriam liberis parentes decet - Should prefer freedom more than parents
  7. Praerogativa - Prerogative (Privilege)
  8. Praescriptio longi temporis - Possession by prescriptive right (Legal term)
  9. Praesente cadavere - With this corpse present (Legal term)
  10. Praeterea censeo Carthaginem esse delendam - Furthermore, I remain of the view that we should destroy Carthage (Marco Porcia Cato, Political and General Roman Censor 234-149 BC - He said this phrase after of all his speaches)
  11. Praetor a suis volebat amari - The magistrate wanted to be loved by his family
  12. Praetor urbanus - Urban magistrate.
  13. Praetus peregrinus - Peregrine praetor (Legal term - Manager of the administration of justice among people of various nationalities)
  14. Pretium Confessus - Price of confesion
  15. Pretium Doloris - Price of pain
  16. Pretium iustum mathematicum licet soli Deo notum - The price depends on many circumstances that only God knows
  17. Pretium Vilis - Low price
  18. Prima cratera ad sitim pertinet, secunda ad hilaritatem, tertia ad voluptatem, quarta ad insaniam - The first cup is for the thirst, the second for the joy, the third for pleasure, the fourth to the madness
  19. Prima Facie - At first sight
  20. Prima luce - First light (at dawn)
  21. Prima non datur et ultima dispensatur - The first is not given and last is forgiven
  22. Primo mihi - First for me.
  23. Primo occupandi - To the first occupant
  24. Primo sic - In first place, like this.
  25. Primum non nocere - First, do no harm
  26. Primum non nocere - The first thing is to do no harm (Medical term is applied when you have to take a decision on a patient, so that the benefit is greater than the damage it can do)
  27. Primum vivere, deinde philosophari! - Live first and philosophize later (Philosophical term)
  28. Primus circumdedisti me - First to surround (Motto inscribed on the coat of arms of Juan Sebastian Elcano, who accompanied navigator Ferdinand Magellan in the first voyage around the world - Today is the name of the school-ship of the Spanish Armada)
  29. Primus inter pares - First among equals
  30. Primus millum paxarorum est - The first corn is for the bird
  31. Primus pilus prior - Primary of the first cohort (Senior Centurion of a legion)
  32. Princeps civium - The first of the citizens (title used by the emperor Octavian Caesar Augustus )
  33. Principiis obsta - Resist at the beginning (Withstand the first approaches or encroachments)
  34. Principium importans ordinem ad actum - Principle governing the act
  35. Prior in tempore, potior in iure - First in time, best in the Law (Legal term)
  36. Prius est esse - Before is being
  37. Prius flammis combusta quam armis Numantia victa - Numantia will be burnt in flames rather than defeated by arms
  38. Prius flammis combusta quam Numantia armis victa - Numancia first burned up than defeated (one of the slogans of the Spanish Army / Cavalry)
  39. Prius mori quam foedari - Die before dishoner
  40. Priusquam islam pugnam pugnabo ego etiam prius dabo aliam pugnam - Prior to wage this struggle, I will fight against Islam even before I start another fight
  41. Privilegium personale non transit ad heredes - The personal privilege is not transmitted to the heir (Legal term)
  42. Pro amcis suis - For his Friends (Motto of the Bishop of Diocese of St. Petersburg)
  43. Pro bono publico - For the good of the people (Legal term - when a lawyer takes a case for free)
  44. Pro domo mea - In my favor (Legal term)
  45. Pro domo sua - On his own behalf (Legal term)
  46. Pro forma - For the sake of form (Diplomatic term - Done only as a formality)
  47. Pro indiviso - For an individed part (Legal term - In joint tenancy)
  48. Pro mundi beneficio - For the benefit of the world (Motto of Panama)
  49. Pro patria ad deum - For the country to God (Motto of the Fraternity of Saint Thomas Aquinas)
  50. Pro rata - Proportionately
  51. Pro rata parte - A portion or fixed, determined
  52. Pro Rege, lege, et Grege - For King, the law, and the People { Thank you: Carsten R }
  53. Pro rege saepe, pro patria semper - For the king, often, to the homeland always (Jean Baptiste Colbert, French politician, 1619-1683)
  54. Pro Sancte Iuppiter - For sacred Jupiter
  55. Pro tempore - For the time being
  56. Pro tribunali - In front of the court or in front of a judge (Legal term)
  57. Pro Vincere - Before victory
  58. Probae esti in segetem sunt deteriorem datae fruges, tamen ipsae suaptae enitent - A good seed planted, even in poor soil, will bring rich fruits by its own nature
  59. Probitas laudatur et alget - Honesty is praised, and left to starve (Decimus Junius Juvenalis - I Satire)
  60. Procedamus omnes in pace - All move forward in peace (Ecclesiastical term)
  61. Procedant omnes - All move forward (Ecclesiastical term - Invitation from the master of ceremonies)
  62. Procurator in rem suam - Attorney in his own case (Legal term)
  63. Proemium - Preface (Introduction of a speech)
  64. Promoveatur ut amoveatur - Promoted to get him out of the way (To remove someone who is causing problems. Aso known as "Promoveatur ut removeatur")
  65. Propaganda Fide - To propagate the faith (Congregation founded in 1622 by Pope Gregory XV to spread Christianity)
  66. Quaeque ipsa miserrima vidi, et quorum pars magna fui - So many terrible things I saw, and in so many of them I played a great part (Virgil - Aeneid)
  67. Quem Patrem Patrum fecit discordia Fratrum - The discord between brothers made Fathers of the Fathers (The travels of Marco Polo - The discord was caused because a Archidiacon Pope was elected)
  68. Qui Modeste Paret, Videtur Qui Aliquando Imperet Dignus Esse - the one who obeys with modesty appears worthy of being some day a commander (Cicero De Legibus, III, 5 - ) {Thank you: James A Addy )}
  69. Quidquid movetur ab alio movetur - Whatever is moved, changed, or produced is moved, changed, or produced by another. { If one thing (object 1) is moved, changed, or produced from its original state, is moved, changed, or produced by another thing (object 2) that is different from the thing (object 1) itself. This another thing (object 2) must be actual, at least, perfect in itself, in order to effect a change, movement, or production to the thing (object 1). - Thank you: Fr. Anthony P. Irineo, OAR }
  70. Quidquid recipitur ad modum recipientis recipitur - Whatever is received is received according to the mode of the recipient { That whatever sensation is received by the external sense organ is received by it according only to the function that is proper to the sense organ itself. For example, the light that strikes a piece of wood does not produce visual sensation to the wood unlike it is produced when the light strikes the eye.- Thank you: Fr. Anthony P. Irineo, OAR }
  71. Quod erat demonstrandum - Which was to be demonstrated (Mathematical term - traditionally placed at the end of proofs - abbreviated as QED)
  72. Quod erat faciendum - Which was to be shown (Mathematical term - traditionally placed at the end of a solution - abbreviated as QEF)
  73. Qvia contrivit portas aereas et vectes ferreos confregit - Because (we) crushed the towering city gates and have arrived in armour to destroy { This is the motto of the St Ferdinand army of Spain and it was adopted by the parish of St Ferdianad in Lucena City Philippines as its masthead in the altar of the church. It speaks of the conquistadores's painstaking effort of subduing the ancient armies of the prehistoric islands. - Thank you: Roger M. Villar }
  74. Rana Seriphia - A frog from Serpiphos (A person who does not say much. The frogs from the island of Seriphos are mute)
  75. Rastrum in Porta - The Rake at the Door (Pope Innocent XII (1691-1700) motto, according to Saint Malachy prophecies)

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