1. Potes currere sed te occulere non potes - You can run, but not hide
  2. Potestas omnium rerum - Extraordinary powers (Legal term)
  3. Potius mori quam foedari - Die before tarnishing the honor
  4. Prae manibus - The scope of the hand (at hand)
  5. Praeceptores suos adulescens veneratur et suspicit - The young man respected and admired his teachers
  6. Praeclarius est id virtutem assequi - Much more is to achieve this excellent virtue (Motto of the family Bruguera)
  7. Praecursor Siciliae - A Fore-Runner from Sicily (Pope Innocent VIII (1484-1492) motto, according to Saint Malachy prophecies)
  8. Praefectus annonae - Prefect of supplies to the city.
  9. Praefectus praetorio - Prefect of the Praetorian
  10. Praefectus urbi - Rome Prefect.
  11. Praefectus vigilium - Prefect of vigilance (police and fire).)
  12. Praeferre patriam liberis parentes decet - Should prefer freedom more than parents
  13. Praerogativa - Prerogative (Privilege)
  14. Praescriptio longi temporis - Possession by prescriptive right (Legal term)
  15. Praesente cadavere - With this corpse present (Legal term)
  16. Praeterea censeo Carthaginem esse delendam - Furthermore, I remain of the view that we should destroy Carthage (Marco Porcia Cato, Political and General Roman Censor 234-149 BC - He said this phrase after of all his speaches)
  17. Praetor a suis volebat amari - The magistrate wanted to be loved by his family
  18. Praetor urbanus - Urban magistrate.
  19. Praetus peregrinus - Peregrine praetor (Legal term - Manager of the administration of justice among people of various nationalities)
  20. Preparemus nos pro fine temporis: Ars longa sed tempus breve - Let's prepare for the end of times: Art lives long, but time is short ( Thank you: Dr Globalist Lawyer Riviere J. Goel )
  21. Pretium Confessus - Price of confesion
  22. Pretium Doloris - Price of pain
  23. Pretium iustum mathematicum licet soli Deo notum - The price depends on many circumstances that only God knows
  24. Pretium Vilis - Low price
  25. Prima cratera ad sitim pertinet, secunda ad hilaritatem, tertia ad voluptatem, quarta ad insaniam - The first cup is for the thirst, the second for the joy, the third for pleasure, the fourth to the madness
  26. Prima Facie - At first sight
  27. Prima luce - First light (at dawn)
  28. Prima non datur et ultima dispensatur - The first is not given and last is forgiven
  29. Primo mihi - First for me.
  30. Primo occupandi - To the first occupant
  31. Primo sic - In first place, like this.
  32. Primum non nocere - First, do no harm
  33. Primum non nocere - The first thing is to do no harm (Medical term is applied when you have to take a decision on a patient, so that the benefit is greater than the damage it can do)
  34. Primum vivere, deinde philosophari! - Live first and philosophize later (Philosophical term)
  35. Primus circumdedisti me - First to surround (Motto inscribed on the coat of arms of Juan Sebastian Elcano, who accompanied navigator Ferdinand Magellan in the first voyage around the world - Today is the name of the school-ship of the Spanish Armada)
  36. Primus inter pares - First among equals
  37. Primus millum paxarorum est - The first corn is for the bird
  38. Primus pilus prior - Primary of the first cohort (Senior Centurion of a legion)
  39. Princeps civium - The first of the citizens (title used by the emperor Octavian Caesar Augustus )
  40. Principiis obsta - Resist at the beginning (Withstand the first approaches or encroachments)
  41. Principium importans ordinem ad actum - Principle governing the act
  42. Prior in tempore, potior in iure - First in time, best in the Law (Legal term)
  43. Prius est esse - Before is being
  44. Prius flammis combusta quam armis Numantia victa - Numantia will be burnt in flames rather than defeated by arms
  45. Prius flammis combusta quam Numantia armis victa - Numancia first burned up than defeated (one of the slogans of the Spanish Army / Cavalry)
  46. Prius mori quam foedari - Die before dishoner
  47. Priusquam islam pugnam pugnabo ego etiam prius dabo aliam pugnam - Prior to wage this struggle, I will fight against Islam even before I start another fight
  48. Privilegium personale non transit ad heredes - The personal privilege is not transmitted to the heir (Legal term)
  49. Pro amcis suis - For his Friends (Motto of the Bishop of Diocese of St. Petersburg)
  50. Pro bono publico - For the good of the people (Legal term - when a lawyer takes a case for free)
  51. Pro domo mea - In my favor (Legal term)
  52. Pro domo sua - On his own behalf (Legal term)
  53. Pro forma - For the sake of form (Diplomatic term - Done only as a formality)
  54. Pro indiviso - For an individed part (Legal term - In joint tenancy)
  55. Pro mundi beneficio - For the benefit of the world (Motto of Panama)
  56. Pro patria ad deum - For the country to God (Motto of the Fraternity of Saint Thomas Aquinas)
  57. Pro rata - Proportionately
  58. Pro rata parte - A portion or fixed, determined
  59. Pro Rege, lege, et Grege - For King, the law, and the People { Thank you: Carsten R }
  60. Pro rege saepe, pro patria semper - For the king, often, to the homeland always (Jean Baptiste Colbert, French politician, 1619-1683)
  61. Pro Sancte Iuppiter - For sacred Jupiter
  62. Pro tempore - For the time being
  63. Pro tribunali - In front of the court or in front of a judge (Legal term)
  64. Pro Vincere - Before victory
  65. Probae esti in segetem sunt deteriorem datae fruges, tamen ipsae suaptae enitent - A good seed planted, even in poor soil, will bring rich fruits by its own nature
  66. Probitas laudatur et alget - Honesty is praised, and left to starve (Decimus Junius Juvenalis - I Satire)
  67. Procedamus omnes in pace - All move forward in peace (Ecclesiastical term)
  68. Procedant omnes - All move forward (Ecclesiastical term - Invitation from the master of ceremonies)
  69. Procurator in rem suam - Attorney in his own case (Legal term)
  70. Proemium - Preface (Introduction of a speech)
  71. Promoveatur ut amoveatur - Promoted to get him out of the way (To remove someone who is causing problems. Aso known as "Promoveatur ut removeatur")
  72. Propaganda Fide - To propagate the faith (Congregation founded in 1622 by Pope Gregory XV to spread Christianity)
  73. Quaeque ipsa miserrima vidi, et quorum pars magna fui - So many terrible things I saw, and in so many of them I played a great part (Virgil - Aeneid)
  74. Quem Patrem Patrum fecit discordia Fratrum - The discord between brothers made Fathers of the Fathers (The travels of Marco Polo - The discord was caused because a Archidiacon Pope was elected)
  75. Qui Modeste Paret, Videtur Qui Aliquando Imperet Dignus Esse - the one who obeys with modesty appears worthy of being some day a commander (Cicero De Legibus, III, 5 - ) {Thank you: James A Addy )}

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